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Business Events
We have the capacity to receive several corporate events, always with the same advantages, a different pleasant day, without dispersion of people.
Sort of events:

Brainstorming, General Meetings, Training actions and Workshops, Product Presentation, Annual Results, Conferences and Colloquiums, Press Conferences, Exhibitions, Get together, Christmas or Commemorative Dinners, Internal meetings with clients.

"An event is worth for the memories that remain"

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Wedding in a Boat (Lisbon)
Life get people together the at the right time.
Fate is to love, to live and to start each day together.
The departure for this trip is a dreamy day, the day of your wedding.
This is your special day, un unforgettable day, the first of a long loving journey in the sea of love in Portugal.

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Senior Tourism
In Lisbon
Culture, leisure and active participation in society is a right of senior citizens and, above all, a pre requisite for a healthy life. Among the various aspects that are part of a Senior's life, culture and leisure is responsible for self-esteem, socialization and physical and mental health!
As "Memories are forever" we also organize, "Dancing Teas" on this ship full of glamour, with soul and many love stories to tell.

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Cruise in Tagus River
Lunch or Dinner
During 3 hours feel Lisbon in a different way from the river, from the sea. Taste Portuguese gastronomy and the Portuguese wines in EVORA boat.

Nature and Us
Simple cruise
2 hours Cruise where you can just relax, and look and admire the rRver, Lisbon shores and the sea.
We welcome you with Moscatel de Setúbal, a wonderful generous wine and a speciality of Setúbal.

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